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Mink Me is a leading technological solutions company in Chandigarh catering to varied customer needs including online marketing, business development, branding & promotion, planning & research, mobileapplication development and website development. We have a dedicated team for each process which enables us to provide quality products at economies of scale.

We are also the force behind apps like Mink Foodie & Mink Chatter which are revolutionizing the business world.

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  • Social Media Projects


  • 2D & 3D Projects


Why Work 9 to 6 when you can earn at your own free will?

Work as a Marketing Executive of MinkMe Technologies and earn a big hefty paycheck.

Services we Offer

Mobile App Development

Web Development

Online Marketing

Graphic Designing

Customer Service

3D Design

Knowledge Process outsources

Why Us?

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Quality Deliverables

We focus on quality service delivered in time, as Time-bound deliveries with quality is what gives a business an edge over others. While delivering projects of value and working with clients all across the globe, we have integrated quality and time in the DNA of our organization.
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Rich Experience

With our rich industry experience and strategized communication, we have expanded our business boundaries from national to international level. We work in collaboration with different multinational entities. This expansion lets us serve our customers better with increased knowledge and efficiency.
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Streamlined Processes

Our work with MNCs, local businesses and startups has taught us Project Management and methodologies for managing, implementing, executing and launching products/projects. We hold expertise in multitasking and deliver the best results to our customers.
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Business Solution

We understand the importance of top & bottom line to a business. Hence we don’t just deliver projects but business solutions which promise value. For this, we do intensive research on end user’s likes and dislikes and create a product which the end user will love to use.

How it works

What is MinkMe Referral Program?

It is an incentive based marketing model we have devised through which you can earn big bucks by referring us customers.

How much can I earn?

With internet being what is it, technological solutions practically sell themselves. Though competition in numbers is brutal but only a few provide quality services. So in this scenario we just want someone to put in a good word for us and be our marketing mouthpiece.

Help us land a customer for any of the technological services.

If you provide us with a lead which qualifies, you earn 3% of the revenue…no questions asked!!
If you help us convert a lead or get us a pre-qualified lead, you earn 10% of the total revenue.

3 and 10 may look like small figures but remember that a good app, for instance, can be anywhere from 3 to 4 Lacs and even simple websites easily cross the 15K mark. And all you have to do is talk a little about us over dinner with your friends or share the amazing services we are offering on your timeline. You can also pitch it to that “NRI cousin” of yours and can earn in Dollars here in India.

Some of our marketing partners earn as high as 2 lakhs per month just from commissions. And you’ll also be helping them explore the potential of the internet.

Not only this, if your revenue crosses the 5 lakh mark, you’ll get a “ Marketing Partner Certificate ” from Mink Me.

How do I become a partner?

It is very easy. Just fill out the form below & we’ll call you for a small discussion at a time convenient for you.

How will I get paid?

There are a number of methods. Whenever a payment milestone is achieved, the respective commission will be transferred to you via direct bank transfer, cheque, Paypal payment or draft.

In how much time will the amount be transferred to my account?

When the payment is received from the client, we initiate the transfer process immediately and depending on the processes at the bank’s end, it should not take more than a week for the commission to get transferred in the account.

Will the client be given any guarantee of service?

We understand that it needs a lot of faith in the service to refer to your friends. Let us tell you that we never let our partners down. We don’t ensure client satisfaction but we ensure client delight. We provide a service period of up to 6 months to solve any problem he/she may face. Even after that he/she can avail our service at a very nominal payment.

Is there any other incentive involved?

Apart from the share in revenue,if your sale or revenue crosses the 5 lakh mark, you’ll get a “Marketing Partner Certificate” from Mink Me (an ISO certified company).

Do my friends have to pay more because of my commission?

We do not increase the price to pay our partners’ commission but we let them have a piece of our own cake.

Become a Marketing Partner

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